The Weekly Burn: Keep Calm and Yoga On

The Weekly Burn

Here at DailyBurn, intensity is our middle name. But even we acknowledge the need to slow down sometimes, so both yoga and occasionally unplugging are key for our restoration.

Keep Calm and Yoga On 

Chair PoseJust the phrase “chair pose” sends yogis everywhere into a collective groan. But did you know it can help you lift things by strengthening your shoulder muscles? (Steph Nieman)





Lunar Yoga Mat LEDIf you’re new to yoga, where to put your hands and feet can be downright confusing. A new yoga mat uses LED lights to guide your limbs to the right spots. (PSFK)





Yoga Poses for DigestionPut back that bottle of Pepto! These five yoga poses can help your digestion. (Health)





Reasons to Unplug

We all know a little time away from screens can be good for us, but an extra nudge never hurt. Here are 11 great reasons to put down your smartphone and focus on what’s happening around you. (Fit Bottomed Girls)