The Weekly Burn: More Reasons to Get Moving

The Weekly Burn

We spend a lot of time scouring the Internet to stay up on the hottest health and fitness trends, and each week, we’ll be sharing with you the best of what we read. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!)

As if we need more reasons to move, inactivity may actually change your brain’s chemistry. But if you’re struggling with getting motivated, we have just the fix for you!

More Reasons to Get Moving

Inactivity - Well Blog

Exercise can change the brain for the better, and it turns out that inactivity may also have an effect on your brain’s chemistry. (Well Blog)




Braveheart Technique - Nerd Fitness

It’s normal to struggle with exercise motivation at one time or another. Next time the urge to skip your workout hits, try the Braveheart Technique! (Nerd Fitness)




5 Stages Endurance Training

Ready to start training for your first endurance race? Be sure not to skip any of these five  training phases. (Runladylike)




Denver Broncos - Yoga

Men, think yoga’s just for the ladies? The Denver Broncos (who, you know, are going to the Super Bowl) practice yoga to stay injury-free. (YogaDork)





Juice Cleanse

We’re all for green juice, but make sure to check how much sugar is in your daily dose. Some healthy-sounding juices can have up to 39 grams of sugar — yikes! (Huffington PostPhoto: Pond5




Steady State Cardio - POPSUGAR Fitness

Have you been killing yourself at the gym? Make sure you take some easier, steady-state cardio days, too, for optimal recovery. (POPSUGAR Fitness)