The Weekly Burn: Practice Makes Perfect

The Weekly Burn

We spend a lot of time scouring the Internet to stay up on the hottest health and fitness trends, and each week, we’ll be sharing with you the best of what we read. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!)

It’s something we’ve been hearing since childhood, but practice really does make perfect — the more you do something, the easier it becomes to reap the benefits and keep progressing — and this is certainly true of exercise.

Practice Makes Perfect

Well Blog - Bout of Exercise

While a healthy diet is still important, a new study shows that a daily bout of exercise can significantly cut the impact of “overfeeding.” (Well Blog)




Running - FitBottomed Girls

The more consistently you run, the less miserable it is. We think this applies to much more than running, too! (FitBottomed Girls)




Well + Good 2014 Fitness Trends

This isn’t the first fitness prediction list we’ve seen, but Well + Good’s fitness forecast for the coming year is usually pretty spot-on. (Well + Good)




Rocky - Ultramarathon PhiladelphiaYou think you’re tough? These Philadelphia ultramarathoners recreated Rocky’s training route. (Wall Street Journal)




POPSUGAR Fitness - Vintage Ads

We’re a few days past Throwback Thursday, but we love this look at vintage fitness ads. (POPSUGAR Fitness)





Buddy the Elf Workout

Love the movie “Elf?” Make the most of your movie time by following along with Buddy the Elf’s workout routine. (He and She Eat Clean)