The Weekly Burn: Fitness on Your Own Terms

The Weekly Burn

Fitness means something different to everyone — from motivation to the type of workout — so experiment to find out what works best for you.

Fitness on Your Own Terms 

When Fitspiration Goes WrongWe’re all about some good motivational sayings and reminding yourself to dig deep, but some “fitspiration” can cross the line and be demoralizing or even dangerous. (Girls Gone Sporty)




The Joy of Exercise - The AtlanticOne writer learned his love for exercise when he realized he could do it on his own terms, without being competitive. (The Atlantic)





FitBottomedGirl Lure of Forbidden Fitness FruitWe’ve all been injured before, and it’s no fun. The lure of the workout you can’t do is so tempting, but bottle that motivation for when you can work out again. (Fit Bottomed Girls)




Vigorous EffortYou think you’re giving your all during a workout, but a new study shows that most people underestimate what a vigorous exercise effort is. (Outside)





Lack of Exercise Obesity RatesChallenging conventional wisdom, new research indicates that a lack of exercise — not too much food — may explain the nation’s staggering obesity rates. (Health)