Weekly Burn: News You Can Use Now

The Weekly Burn

Weekly Burn: News You Can Use Now

From Misty Copeland’s beautiful viral ad to tales of one man who ran back-to-back marathons, we’re definitely inspired by this week’s health and fitness news. Plus, a new study shows that less than 50 minutes of running per week can have serious health benefits. But the headlines aren’t all good: Bake sales across the country are being threatened. Read on to get the full scoop on these stories and others that have caught our eye.

Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed

If you never associated dancers with six-pack abs, you’re going to want to check out Under Armour’s new ad featuring Misty Copeland, the first African American female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre. Since the company rolled out the campaign just a week ago, it’s amassed over 4 million views on YouTube (so don’t miss out).  The spot showcases the body obstacles Copeland has overcome to get to where she is now as a professional ballerina, and what the company’s new “I will what I want” mantra means to her. (Well + Good)

Single Serve Funfetti Cupcake

Not Your Mama’s Bake Sale

The bake sale, a mainstay of class fundraisers since practically the beginning of time, has been put on a diet. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, has placed new restrictions on the calorie, sodium and fat counts of treats sold in schools. (Wall Street Journal)


Photo: Pond5

 Depression: A Chronic Problem?

Children who are depressed in preschool will probably remain down throughout their adolescence, new research shows. Nearly half of children diagnosed at the beginning of the study were found to still have clinical depression six years later. The good news? Identifying mental health problems early can lead to more effective treatments. (Time)

Jen Selter Belfie 

Don’t Believe Everything You See on Instagram

Jen Selter, who made the “belfie” (butt selfie) famous, is now writing a workout advice column for the New York Post. But the woman with the “best butt on Instagram” doesn’t have any fitness credentials or certifications, which is a reminder to be careful about the health information you trust online. (Men’s Health)

Ebola Virus 

Ebola Probably Isn’t Going to Kill You

There is a major outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, and media coverage may lead you to believe you could be at risk. Luckily, if you live in the U.S. you are probably much safer than you think. Here’s what else you need to know. (Salon)

 Benefits of Running 50 Minutes

Run 50 Minutes, See Awesome Benefits

We’ve got good news for people overwhelmed by government recommendations of 150 minutes of exercise per week. A new study reveals that running just five to 10 a day can reduce risk of an early death. Even those who jogged less than 51 minutes weekly saw a 30 percent drop in mortality risk and, on average, lived three years longer. (Prevention)


Double the Distance, Double the Fun

One marathon’s crazy enough, but back-to-back races? That’s just insane. One blogger started running at around 10:45 PM so he could fit in 26.2 — before lining up at the start line of the San Francisco Marathon the next morning. His total? 52.4 total miles in 24 hours. (Pavement Runner)