The Weekly Burn: The Secret to Avoiding Burnout

The Weekly Burn

We spend a lot of time scouring the web to stay up on the hottest health and fitness trends, and each week, we’ll be sharing with you the best of what we read. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!)

If you’ve been crushing it at the gym every day since New Year’s, you might be starting to experience burnout. From tips to reset to a challenging Barry’s Bootcamp-inspired routine, we have the antidote to preventing workout boredom.

The Secret to Avoiding Burnout 

Fitness Republic - BurnoutTraining for an extended period of time puts stress on the body — and the mind. Make time to reset and recover with these tips on avoiding burnout. (Fitness Republic)





Fitnessista - Burpee VariationsJust in case a regular burpee wasn’t tough enough, here are 10 variations of the exercise we all love to hate. (The Fitnessista)





HIIT Tread and Shred - Sarah FitIf you don’t live near a Barry’s Bootcamp location or can’t fit it into your budget, this HIIT Tread and Shred workout is your own version of the popular treadmill and strength class. (Sarah Fit)





Spinning - Peloton CycleMen, don’t write off barre classes just yet! Trying workouts traditionally geared toward women can yield results you might not see without a little muscle confusion. (Huffington Post)




Chocolate Cubes - Women's Health Chocolate Weight LossIf you typically finish every meal with a little dark chocolate, it turns out you were onto something. New research finds that the flavonoids and healthy fat slow the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream and can prevent insulin spikes. (Women’s HealthPhoto: Perry Santanachote



Work Out in the Car - Amanda RussellHave you ever been stuck in traffic and wished you could use that time to exercise? Here’s a short workout you can do in gridlock. Passengers only, please! (Amanda RussellPhoto: Pond5