Taking the First Step With Fitness: DailyBurn True Beginner Story

DailyBurn True Beginner Success Story Robert Taylor

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When priorities shift, motivation wanes, and life just…happens…fitness is often the first thing to go. We’ve all had to start over, whether it’s because of busy schedules, or circumstances that have slowed us down — or stopped us right in our tracks. We’ve all looked in the mirror only to barely recognize the person staring back at us, lost and out of shape, yearning for change but not knowing where or how to go about it. That can be the most difficult step, the first one — starting. Your answer is a program called True Beginner.

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Robert Taylor’s True Beginner Story

A Life of Pride

Robert Taylor joined the police force when he was 21. He loved his job and took pride in protecting and serving the people of Los Angeles. Built like a football player, Robert worked in the field, ready and able to chase down perpetrators at a moment’s notice. The precinct also had a gym. “As a police officer, you always have younger guys or guys who know more than you in the gym, so you just copy them and it works,” says Robert, who relied on strength training and running — about two to three miles, three to four times a week — to stay in shape. “We were encouraged to work out, and I would sometimes go at lunch and after work.”

Shifting Routines

The LA-native remained at the same precinct for 14 years, until he decided to move with his wife to the suburbs of Marino Valley, bought a home, and began raising his kids. The then 35-year-old was still on the force, but he was promoted to a desk job in the Community Relations/Public Information Department and no longer had to sport the iconic blue uniform. “As I got older, I was put on assignments where I didn’t have to be as physical,” remembers Robert, who began working more on social events and planning banquets. He began slowly putting on weight.

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“I needed the challenge of a group; watching someone and following them and trying to keep up with them.”

By the time he was 48, Robert found himself slowing down considerably — he just didn’t have the energy he used to. Pain in his knees caused by pounding the pavement forced him to stop running entirely. Three years later came an even bigger lifestyle change: The 51-year old retired and turned in his badge.

While Robert was still doing chores around the house like mowing the lawn, his free time was mostly focused on R & R. “I would go to the gym sometimes, but I was really enjoying retirement,” says Robert, who also decided to take up acting. During his 12- to 13-hour days on set, Robert developed poor eating habits, consuming cookies, cake and muffins provided by craft services. On his way home, he’d stop for fast food, like a hamburger and fries, to eat while he sat in traffic.

The Path to a Fitter Future

Robert continued this same routine for two years, and before long he was 265 pounds. Not only did his clothes no longer fit, he says he began having health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Though he was still going to the gym now and then, he missed the camaraderie of the workout routine with his fellow officers now that he was retired. “You go from working a job every day to doing what you want to do every day,” says Robert. “Some people get healthier and some get bigger.”

In September 2012, on his 53rd birthday, the ex-officer decided it was time to make a change. Robert started by adjusting his nutrition habits, eating more fruit on set as a healthy snack as opposed to the junk food he turned to before. He also started making fruit smoothies at home with strawberries, apples and lemons from the tree in his backyard.

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But diet was just half the battle. Robert knew that losing weight and getting back in shape meant finding a workout program that would meet him half way. “I needed the challenge of a group; watching someone and following them and trying to keep up with them,” he says.

DailyBurn True Beginner Success Story Robert Taylor

Photo: DailyBurn

The Solution: DailyBurn True Beginner

Right off the bat, Robert knew True Beginner was different. He heard about DailyBurn’s new program though a casting call, and decided to give it a shot.

DailyBurn True Beginner isn’t about six-pack abs and advanced workout moves. Instead, it’s for individuals who are starting out or starting over on a weight loss and health journey. Whether you were once the star of your high school football team or have been heavy and less motivated your whole life, this program is designed to help everyone take the first steps towards a new, healthier lifestyle. “Retirement is a life-changing occurrence, and I didn’t realize how much so at first,” explains Robert, who got below his goal of 250 pounds with True Beginner, dropping weight mostly in his stomach.

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True Beginner workouts are anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes long, and they focus on re-teaching the basics and the fundamentals of fitness to fit each individuals current ability and/or restrictions. Every routine can be done in the comfort of your own home, following along with DailyBurn instructor Justin Rubin as he takes you through exercises like squats and planks. “I love Justin — he is very encouraging, but not easy,” says Robert, who relied on the many modifications Rubin provides for moves he had trouble with. Rubin explains that emphasis on correct form is so important for safety, efficiency and keeping you on track toward your goals.

For eight weeks, if you remain dedicated, True Beginner can be that extra push you need. Yes, you might think you can start on your own, and it is possible, but you might not challenge yourself fully. True Beginner will help you meet your full potential every day in order to see progress.

Robert notices the difference the program made in his exercise regimen and his daily life. “I can do a squat and stay down in that position, which I wasn’t able to do before,” says Robert. “True Beginner gave me something to work with — it gave me that group environment that I wanted, without having to make it to the actual gym,” says Robert. “Even though I’m older, I’m more flexible now and my body feels younger than it used to.”

To get started with True Beginner, head to DailyBurn.com/TrueBeginner to sign up today, free for 30 days.

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