How Losing Weight Made Me Feel More Confident

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Katarina Herrera’s struggles with her weight started when she was just a pre-teen. Her parents were divorced, and every summer she’d gain weight when she visited her dad. “When I’d go to my dad’s house for the summer, I’d come back and not be able to fit into my clothes for the new school year,” she says.

Middle school proved tough, and Katarina found herself comparing her body to other girls’, wishing she were smaller. “Self-hate started and I began making myself throw up, and not eating. That continued into high school,” Katarina, now 22, says. After entering college, rather than gaining the “freshman 15,” she added 20 pounds to her five-foot frame.

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When she became pregnant at age 19, Katarina managed to keep her weight under control. But after she gave birth to her son, the numbers on the scale began to rise. “[It was] just me continuing to eat for two even though I wasn’t feeding two anymore,” she recalls. “And I’d say, ‘Oh, I’m just big because I had a baby!’”

In truth, her unhealthy diet was taking a toll. Katarina says she’d skip breakfast, and then eat a corn dog or hot dog for lunch — unless her boyfriend brought over fast food. For dinner, she’d typically eat pork chops or breaded chicken, and mashed potatoes with plenty of butter and salt. “And living in Texas, it’s burgers and barbecue everywhere,” she says.

The heaviest she remembers being was 185 pounds. But since she didn’t own a scale, she suspects the number escalated beyond that. It was the death of her grandmother that finally prompted Katarina to make a change. “I kept the clothes she bought me because I wanted to hold on to them, but they didn’t fit,” Katarina says. She also knew it was time to get healthy for her son.

Making Big Changes

“I’d give myself many goals, just so I wouldn’t get discouraged.”

Resolved to get healthy, Katarina says she tried other workouts while at home with her son — but found they didn’t provide her with enough variety. Then, in January 2014, she saw a DailyBurn commercial on TV. She decided to give the free 30-day trial a try.

Her first workout: Cardio Sculpt’s Butt, Legs and Thighs with DailyBurn trainer Anja Garcia. “In the beginning I was extremely sore, but I would stick with it,” Katarina says. “After every workout, I’d take a shower and sit down, and my body would feel relieved and rested.” She was hooked.

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During that first month she stuck with the Cardio Sculpt program, strictly adhering to the scheduled workouts. “I noticed that my pants were fitting looser — they weren’t as tight around my thighs,” Katarina says. “And I noticed my midsection wasn’t as bloated.”

Every two weeks, she’d go to her mother’s house to weigh herself. She was seeing results, so after finishing Cardio Sculpt, she stuck with DailyBurn. She began dabbling in Inferno metabolic conditioning workouts and Tactical Bodyweight Training (TBT) workouts, too.

“My ultimate goal was just to get to 145, but my short-term goal was to cut it down halfway to 165,” Katarina says. “I’d give myself many goals, just so I wouldn’t get discouraged.”

Trading Hot Dogs for Vegetables

Katarina knew she wouldn’t see real results unless she changed her diet, too. “Cake with whipped cream icing, that’s my downfall,” she says, noting pizza as another vice.

“It’s all about feeling confident rather than what the scale says.”

But she started by making small changes — like eating a breakfast of eggs or some toast. Rather than fast food, she’d eat a sandwich or frozen meal for lunch. And she nixed the breaded chicken and mashed potatoes, replacing them with baked chicken and veggies at dinner. “I taught myself how to use less salt and more herbs, started using low-fat milk rather than heavy cream, and started substituting the unhealthy foods for the healthy,” she says.

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Katarina also focused on eating a healthy balance of protein, carbs and vegetables at every meal. “I would say about 25 percent protein, 25 percent complex carbs, 50 percent veggies and fruit,” she says. “And I also would eat on a smaller plate, rather than a big plate.”

Mission, Accomplished

By the end of summer 2014, Katarina reached her initial goal weight of 145 pounds. After that, she shifted her focus to getting toned and building lean muscle mass. “Weight loss wasn’t even my goal, I just wanted to keep working out,” Katarina says. She finished DailyBurn’s Inferno program, and also joined a gym to supplement her routines. Now, she weights in at a lean 114 pounds.

“I’m very proud of my thighs and my legs in general,” Katarina says, noting she loves how toned her muscles look when she walks or does squats at the gym. In the meantime, she’s gotten her boyfriend and mother hooked on DailyBurn, too.

Her next goal: Continuing to build strength, and participating in a figure competition to flaunt her new physique. “It’s all about feeling confident rather than what the scale says,” she notes. Another priority: Looking great in the photos for her upcoming wedding. She’ll tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend in March.

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