Must Reads: Are Avocados Going Extinct?

What would life be like without avocados? We don’t want to find out, but we may have to soon. A new article from Grub Street explores the very real possibility of avocado extinction thanks to the California drought. Plus, one popular blogger illustrates what would happen if we could Photoshop our bodies in real life. Read on to get the full scoop on these stories and others that have caught our eye this week.

Avocado Toast Recipe

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The Fate of the Avocado

Bad news for avocado toast lovers: Thanks to California’s dry spell, an avocado shortage could be in our future. A pound of the green fruit (yes, they’re a fruit!) takes roughly 72 gallons of water to grow. And unfortunately, 98 percent of California is currently in drought, says Ken Melban, the director of issues management for the California Avocado Commission. A whopping 80 percent of the avocados grown in the U.S. are from California. While farmers used to be able to buy water at high prices, now its availability is in question.

According to Grub Street, one 2014 study predicts that avocado prices will increase by 28 percent because of California’s drought. Buyer, beware! Your love affair with guacamole could come at a steep cost. (Grub Street)

Can You Photoshop the “Perfect” Body?

Odds are good that you’ve wished you could change parts of your body at one point or another (hello, Beyonce’s booty). Cassey Ho, Pilates instructor, author of Hot Body Year Round and YouTube fitness celebrity, has created a new viral video that asks what life would be like if we could Photoshop ourselves on command. Watch what happens as she reads messages from cyber bullies and then radically “improves” before your eyes. (YouTube)

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ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

This Inspiring Man Finished the Boston Marathon in 20 Hours

Fighting against intermittent downpours on Monday night, Maickel Melamed, a Venezuelan man with muscular dystrophy, was the final runner to cross the finish line at the 2015 Boston Marathon. Friends and fans greeted him after his 20-hour journey to the Boylston Street finish at 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning. According to ABC News, Boston is dear to Melamed because he received treatment there decades ago. He has also completed marathons in New York, Berlin, Chicago and Tokyo. (ABC News)

Mac and Cheese

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Mac Attack: Kraft Drops Orange Dyes from Macaroni

Does Easy Mac hold a special place in your cheese-loving heart? The infamous orange pasta is going to change a lot in the coming months, reports the New York Times. Kraft Foods released a statement Monday saying they will replace artificial food coloring with natural sources of color. Effective January 2016, the synthetic orange hue will be replaced with naturally colored ingredients like paprika, annatto and turmeric. (The New York Times)

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Business Partners Walking

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Why You Need to Get Off Your Butt at Work

You crushed a few miles outside before work, but you aren’t off the hook when you step into the office. According the Outside, a recent study showed that time spent sitting is associated with poorer health regardless of physical activity. Yikes! Use these tips (from stretching throughout the day to having walking meetings) to increase body circulation. (Outside Online)

Is Dr. Oz Getting Dumped?

Last week TV personality Dr. Oz faced serious criticism from fellow physicians. A group of 10 doctors is calling on Columbia University to strip Dr. Oz of his position as vice chair of the Department of Surgery. Why? The doctors believe Oz has a “lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments… in the interest of personal financial gain.” Dr. Oz responded to critics in a Time op-ed and on his show that aired Thursday, defending his position for GMO labeling and his unwillingness to be silenced. (CNN)