Must Reads: How to Cut Food Poisoning Risk by 99 Percent

Cooking at home feels virtuous, but did you know you’re at risk for food poisoning if you don’t sanitize your kitchen properly? A new study reveals an incredibly effective method for keeping those germs at bay. Plus, if you wind up getting injured days before you’re scheduled to run a half-marathon, we’ve got good news to help fight your blues. Some organizations are now allowing you to recoup that race fee. Read on to get the full scoop on these stories and others that have caught our eye this week.

How to Cook

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Wipe Here for Safer Kitchens

Spoiler alert: Cooking surfaces are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. But you don’t need a HAZMAT suit just to safely whip up some chicken for dinner. According to a recent study, decontaminating your kitchen might be easier than you think. Researchers found that using a disinfectant wipe can reduce your risk of food poisoning by up to 99 percent.

After testing wipes on granite, laminate and ceramic tile that had been used to prepare raw chicken, scientists assessed that wipes could reduce risk of Campylobacter infection, which is associated with diarrhea, cramping and fever, by 99.2 percent. To fully protect yourself, don’t forget to disinfect the sink, water taps, stove top and counter tops. (Medical Daily)

Could Your Running Habit Be Dangerous?

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Resell Your Racing Bib?

Backing out of a race is disappointing — but losing the money you spent on your bib can add insult to injury. The good news is that times are changing, according to the Wall Street Journal. Some races, including the Race to Robbie Creek in Idaho, the Pittsburgh Marathon and several others have set up ways for athletes to resell entries, for a small additional registration fee. Will a streamlined — and legitimate — secondary market for race bibs ever emerge? We certainly hope so! (Wall Street Journal)

Yoga in Airports

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Yoga Rooms Take Off at Airports

Feel stressed every time you travel? You don’t need a fancy lounge membership for some peace and quiet. It turns out that more and more airports are offering consumers simple spaces that many are dubbing “yoga rooms” to escape the chaotic hubbub of security, baggage claim and the like. Just don’t fall asleep in savasana or you might miss that flight. (New York Times)


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There’s What in Your Beard?

This week, microbiologists in Albuquerque, NM discovered bacteria usually found in fecal matter lurking in mens’ beards. Yes, we’re talking about poop. Before you or your pals run out for razors, this New York Magazine article points out that fecal bacteria is probably also in other places you don’t want to think about, like your office keyboard or cellphone. While it’s gross to consider how germy the world really is, the good news is that you probably won’t get sick from just a little bacteria exposure. Still, we’d advise washing your hands (and beard!), regardless. (New York Magazine / Science of Us)

Nepal Earthquake

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One Survivor Recounts the Nepal Earthquake

What would you have done if you were stuck on Mount Everest during the deadly earthquake that recently struck Nepal? Emily Johnson, an ER doctor and American mountain guide, found herself at Camp One, just above basecamp, when disaster struck. Read her harrowing account of the chaotic and terrible natural disaster. (Self)