The Weekly Burn: Living Your Best Life

The Weekly Burn

We spend a lot of time scouring the Internet to stay up on the hottest health and fitness trends, and each week, we’ll be sharing with you the best of what we read. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!)

This week is all about living your best, longest life, and the latest research might surprise you. From late-night snacking to a healthy peanut butter habit, regular exercise isn’t the only way to live strong and conquer.

Living Your Best Life

Q by Equinox - Nighttime Snacking

A new study shows that nighttime eating may actually be good for your health — so long as it’s done right. (Q by Equinox)





Huffington Post Things Runners Understand

We saw a lot of backlash over the “OK, You’re a Runner, Get Over It” piece, but we’re loving this “10 Things Only Runners Understand” article even more. (Huffington Post)





Fitness Magazine Blood Clots

Many people associate blood clots with the elderly or overweight populations, but they can strike anyone, even fit people. (Fitness Magazine)





Time Magazine - Nuts Live Longer


Nuts might help you live longer? We’re glad to have a study justify our daily trips to the nut dispenser at DailyBurn HQ. (Time)




POPSUGAR Fitness Hunger Games WorkoutMay the odds be forever in your favor… to survive this Hunger Games-inspired obstacle workout. (POPSUGAR Fitness)





Kara Runs

A high school runner turned marathoner and Ironman finisher on advice to her former self. We’re inspired — and impressed! (Kara Runs)