The Weekly Burn: Focus on the Good

The Weekly Burn

It’s easy to get hung up on numbers — calories, reps, weight — but it’s important to focus on quality. Eat nutritious food, exercise and don’t forget to rest, too! Our favorite reads this week were a good reminder to find balance in our health habits.

Focus on the Good  

How to Gauge Exercise Exertion LevelsDo you know how to gauge how much you’re exerting yourself when you exercise? A new study shows many adults may underestimate their burn. The good news — any amount is better than none, of course. (Well Blog




Nutrition FactsIf the simple “eat less, exercise more” Rx worked for everyone, there’d be an awful lot of unemployed trainers and nutritionists out there. In recent commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association, two obesity experts posit that calorie counting isn’t the answer for long-term weight loss. (Time)      



Cotter Crunch Adrenaline JunkieAre you addicted to adrenaline? One blogger recognized when to step back from endorphin-chasing to give herself some much-needed relaxation. (Cotter Crunch




Panera Cuts Artificial IngredientsWe’d love to say we make every meal at home, but sometimes you just have to grab something on the run. Panera Bread has just announced they’re cutting all artificial ingredients and preservatives from their menu by 2016 — and we can’t wait! (Self



Benefits of SweatAddicted to sweat? So are we. As it turns out, the salty stuff has benefits we never knew about, like preventing colds. (Fitness)