The Weekly Burn: Too Much of a Good Thing

The Weekly Burn

Too much of a good thing is, in fact, possible. We learned this week that standing for prolonged periods of time can be just as bad as excessive sitting, and an overabundance of non-dairy milk is not as healthy as you might think.

Too Much of a Good Thing 

Standing is the New SmokingYou’ve heard sitting is the new smoking. One writer tried standing for a whole month, and learned that yes, even standing should be done in moderation. (WNYC)




SkyrWatch out, breakfast bowl! Skyr, an Icelandic type of dairy could be the new Greek yogurt. Thicker and more textured, this tangier variety is hoping to edge out your old favorite with up to three times as much protein. (The Atlantic)   




Soy MilkIf you’re lactose intolerant, you may think almond milk is your best friend. Not so fast! Lactose-free cow’s milk may be a better option nutritionally. (US News)  




SaltMost Americans eat 1.5 tablespoons of salt daily, a third more than the government recommends. The Food and Drug Administration is developing voluntary guidelines for manufacturers and restaurants to reduce sodium levels. (Dallas News)



Interpretations of Namaste

What does ‘Namaste’ really mean? These interpretations might surprise you. (The New Yorker)