The Weekly Burn: Read the Label

The Weekly Burn

The grocery store can be a confusing place for someone trying to eat healthfully — and this is no coincidence. From unrealistic portion sizes to sneaky marketing phrases, food packaging can affect our decisions more than we realize.

Read the Label

Nutrition FactsIf you’ve ever bought a food because it was labeled ‘natural,’ you’ve furthered a $40.7 billion industry. A new study shows the power of labels on food as marketing. (Washington Post)   




What's in a portion size?Amid growing awareness of portion sizes, many food manufacturers have tinkered with the definition of ‘one serving’ to find the sweet spot that is appealing to consumers. No wonder we’re confused about what amounts are healthy! (Wall Street Journal)




What's In Energy Chew

You eschew sugar in your everyday diet, so why are you taking energy gels during a race that have the same ingredients as candy? Here’s why your favorite sweet snack is shockingly similar to those foil packets you pop during a half-marathon. (Huffington Post




Maple Water is the New Coconut WaterStep aside, coconut water! Could maple water be your new post-workout drink of choice? It’s not the thick, syrupy stuff you’re thinking of — this beverage is lower in sugar and has a less aggressive flavor. (Well + Good)




Eat the Way You Want to FeelIf you’re having trouble sticking to a healthy nutrition plan, here’s a good reminder: Focus on how eating well makes you feel, not look. (PB Fingers)