The Weekly Burn: Up in Smoke

The Weekly Burn

In recent weeks, we’ve written about how sitting is the new smoking, but despite significant decreases, smoking itself is still a major public health problem in the U.S.

Up in Smoke

CigarettesNew research from the journal Nicotine & Tobacco indicates that smokers could be two to four times more likely to commit suicide than nonsmokers. However, public health interventions could reduce this rate by up to 15 percent. (New York Daily NewsPhoto: Pond5



Energy Drinks Gateway DrugCould energy drinks be a gateway drug for smoking? A new study shows that youths who consume these drinks also exhibit other unhealthy behaviors, like drinking soda and smoking. (Medical Daily)




Decline in Smoking RateThere’s good news and bad news about the tobacco industry — while less than 20 percent of American adults are smokers, a 50 percent drop from half a century ago — sales from e-cigarettes are still on the rise. (Wall Street Journal)



Stroke Rate SmokingStroke rates have decreased by nearly 50 percent in the past two decades, thanks in part to reductions in smoking and better treatment of hypertension. The decreases were most apparent in adults older than 65 and similar among men and women. (Well BlogPhoto: Pond5



Lack of Exercise Obesity RatesExtreme obesity could be even more dangerous to your health than smoking, says a new analysis from PLOS Medicine. Carrying excess weight shortens the life expectancies for non-smokers as much as smoking does for normal-weight people, according to the study. (Self)