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7 DIY Pinterest Projects to Get You Motivated

7 DIY Ways to Get Motivated

We’ve all been there: Some days we spend hours checking out pretty and inspirational quotes on Pinterest and no time actually doing anything to achieve our goals. Following through on the goals we’ve set is 100 percent easier said than done, especially when life gets busy and our to-do lists get out of control. Whether you want to drink more water, work out regularly, or lose a few pounds, staying motivated is key. If you need some extra inspiration to make progress, check out these crafty projects we’ve rounded up from Pinterest. The first step to getting something done is to begin!



1. Count It Down

Post-It Note Calendar
Whether it takes three weeks — or three months — to start a healthy new habit, put those goals into visual mode with this clever Post-It plan. For every day you want to practice a new habit, put up a little flag on a visible wall. Then, rip a flag off for each successful day! Photo: Shauna Reid / The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl


2. Make a Morning Motto

Banana Messages

Banana Messages
Now here’s an a-peeling idea: Write inspirational quotes on your bananas! Each time you reach for a potassium-packed workout snack, you’ll be motivated to keep on keepin’ on. Hate bananas? Pop your A.M. motto on a carton of oatmeal or almond milk. Photo: Jenny Lawson / The Bloggess



 3. Pin Your Passions


Vision Boards
Collages aren’t just for middle schoolers anymore. Enter the vision board, a combination of pictures, quotes and words that inspire you to think positively and put your goals center stage. We recommend making a physical vision board (though Pinterest boards can be a good starting point!) and placing it wherever you’re bound to see it every day, like near your bedroom mirror. Photo: Jess / The Wellness Warrior


4. Save Cents

Money Jar

Motivational Money Jar
With a motivational money jar, you’ll get double the payoff when you stick to your goals. Each time you exercise or eat healthfully, put a dollar in a glass jar. Soon enough you’ll have enough saved up to trade those bucks for some new workout kicks, a sports massage or another treat of your choosing! Photo: Lauren Conrad


5. Stick to It 

Workout-JarPopsicle Stick Workouts
When you usually work out but want to mix things up, try making a motivation jar with fun exercise ideas written on wooden popsicle sticks. Color-code them based on workout type and stick them in a clear jar. Or, if your taste buds are tired of the same old grilled chicken and broccoli dinner, put healthy recipe ideas on the popsicle sticks. Photo: espnW


6. Be Schedule Savvy


Paint Chip Calendar
If you’ve set a deadline-driven goal like losing weight before that class reunion, brainstorm ways to consistently work towards it each week. Set a schedule and write out what you want to accomplish each day on this vibrant calendar that’s made of colorful paint chips! Photo: Leila / Chicisms



7. Sip to Success

Homemade Tea Bag Quotes
Have your caffeine and get inspired, too! Start your day with a positive message on your tea bags. Print and cut up this tea bag quote template, or design your own tags. Photo: Camille / Be What We Love



How do you stay motivated? Tell us in the comments below!