Why The Tutu Project Is Our Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation Tutu Project

Photo Courtesy of Bob Carey

#MondayMotivation can come in many forms: a great cup of coffee (or one of these energizing caffeine alternatives), a cool new study confirming that working out with friends trumps solo sweat sessions or even just a 60-second video. But today we’re inspired to get and stay healthy by the Tutu Project, an organization devoted to raising awareness for breast cancer — and making people laugh along the way.

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Started by photographer Bob Carey in 2003, the Tutu Project was simply a way for Carey to entertain his wife, Linda, during her chemotherapy sessions (she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier that same year). He’d snap photos of himself in odd places, dressed in — you guessed it — a pretty pink tutu.

From the Italian countryside and the inside of MetLife Stadium to the Coney Island Boardwalk and an Arizona parking lot, Carey’s taken shots of himself just about everywhere, all in the name of a good chuckle. “When Linda would go for treatment, she would take the images on her phone, and the women would look at them, and it would make them laugh and make the time pass,” he said.

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Monday Motivation Tutu Project

Photo Courtesy of Bob Carey

How the Tutu Project Became #Dare2Tutu

After Linda beat breast cancer — not once, but twice after a relapse in 2006 — the Careys realized the need to spread the word, and raise awareness and funds to help shed light on the disease. They compiled nine years’ worth of tutu shots into Ballerina, a book that shared many of the photos, as well as the humorous anecdotes the duo has heard or been a part of throughout their journey.

Now, the Tutu Project is asking others to prance around in pink tutus, too — all in the name of raising money for people suffering from breast cancer. So go ahead, grab a Swan Lake-inspired getup and snap a pic with the hashtag #Dare2Tutu. (Look at the pics on Instagram already, they’re amazing.) And make a donation while you’re at it!

Want to help out? Buy the book or click here. All proceeds benefit the Carey Foundation, which helps breast cancer patients afford the necessary items that insurance doesn’t cover, including wigs, lymphedema sleeves, childcare and counseling.

Now you know what to do: a pirouette, please.