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Breakfast Empanadas Recipe

This new twist on the breakfast sandwich takes inspiration from the empanada — baked, not fried — for a low-fat portable morning meal. Get the recipe here.

Healthy Pumpkin

Weekly Burn: News You Can Use

The scoop on why pumpkin spice is good for you, the surging popularity of the mile race and more health and fitness articles we loved this week.

Caesar Salad

Kale Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Give your Caesar salad a healthy makeover with nutritious kale, hearts of palm and roasted chickpeas. A lighter dressing also cuts the fat in this better-for-you salad recipe.

Photo: Pond5

8 Healthy Foods You May Be Abusing

You’ve been told dark chocolate and red wine are good for you, but are you overdoing it? Learn what health concerns to look out for if you consume too much.

Salsa Recipe

5-Minute Blender Salsa Recipe

If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant just for their fresh salsa, you’ll be amazed to find out how easy it is to make your very own at home! Get our homemade salsa recipe here.

10 Gym Bags You'll Want This Fall

10 Gym Bags You’ll Want This Fall

Toss the tote from the glory days of high school football. Trade it in for one of these hot, new workout bags that have room for work, fitness and play.