Stressed AF? Download This Meditation App for Instant Zen

We tend to dial up the intensity in our lives, whether it’s doing the toughest HIIT workout in town or taking on more than we can handle at work. But sometimes, we can benefit from slowing down. In an age when distractions invade every second of our lives, some silence can be a true luxury. And the easiest way to sound off is with some meditation.

Aura Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription (Just $59.99)

Stressed AF? Download This Meditation App to Feel Better ASAP: Aura Meditation AppStudies have shown that meditation can help reduce stress, improve productivity, boost memory and even inspire creativity. Meditation helps you bring more awareness around your thoughts, so you can better connect in the moment and resolve issues that come up. But it’s not totally intuitive how to do it on your own. That’s where the Aura Premium Meditation App comes in. And for a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription, discounted from $399 to $59.99 (that’s 84% off!).

There are hundreds of free meditation apps out there, so why pick Aura? Whether you’re stressed, anxious, happy or depressed, Aura collects data around your mood patterns and takes into account your age, location and lifestyle. Aura analyzes this information so it can provide you with thoughtfully curated guided meditations that fit your specific needs. Choose from three-, seven- or 10-minute meditations, which are created by top meditation teachers and therapists. In addition to receiving meditations, you’ll also get daily reminders to take mindful breathers. Because who couldn’t use an excuse to chill?

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