3 Smart Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated

Whether you prefer HIIT workouts, barre classes or long walks on the beach, you should always have one thing by your side: a durable, portable water bottle. These three smart bottles each have spouts that make for easy sipping on the go — so you stay hydrated, especially when you’re working it out. Cheers to finally filling your daily water quota. 

3 Water Bottles to Sip More H2O

Water Bottles: Tritan Infusion Sport Water Bottle

1. Best Portable Flavor: Tritan Infusion Sport Water Bottle ($9.99)

Add cucumbers, mint leaves, strawberries or any of your favorite fruit combos to the vessel in the middle of this bottle. Take your flavorful mix with you as you hit the gym or hike, and the spout makes it easy to slurp on the move. Before you go, pop it in the freezer and you’ll have a refreshing beverage to cool you down when temps heat up.

Water Bottles: HeyDo Smart Cups Water Bottle

2. Best Hydration Tracker: HeyDo Smart Cups ($99.99)

The ultimate way to sip smarter. This leak-proof mug tracks your water intake and reminds you to drink up throughout the day. It also offers loose-lid alerts, and lets you know if your water has been contaminated. (You can easily see your stats just by tapping the side of the cup.) Thanks to the corresponding app, you can also find your bottle if you misplace it and send messages to friends, encouraging them to drink more, too.

Water Bottles: ion8 Leakproof Ionizing Water Bottle

3. Best H2O On-the-Go: ion8 Leakproof Ionizing Water Bottle ($19)

With a flip-cap that locks shut, you don’t have to worry about water spilling in your bag. But you can still open it with the flick of one hand — perfect for when you’re mid sprint. It also has a rubber strip for a better no-slip grip that blocks extreme temperatures, whether you’re downing coffee or straight agua.

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