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With DailyBurn, you get access to ALL our workouts — there's no charge for each separate program! And with variety like this, you'll never get bored!

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A Daily Commitment

Before DailyBurn, Amanda constantly made excuses because of her weight. In just 3 months, she lost 26 pounds*, and gained more confidence!

The Real Me Is Here

Thomas was used to skipping breakfast & eating fast food twice a day. With DailyBurn, Thomas kicked those habits & lost 18 pounds* using our effective and hardcore workouts.

I'm Enjoying Everyday

At size XXL, Marcus knew he needed a better relationship with his body. DailyBurn helped him find the discipline & structure he needed to lose 59 pounds* in 3 months!

Never Felt So Alive

Sandra had never really worked out or dieted before. But thanks to DailyBurn's personalized plans, she was able to lose 16 pounds* in only 3 months.

Take On The Challenge

Inspired by a coworker, Jose wanted to get leaner & toned. By combining both DailyBurn's workout & nutrition plan, he was able to lose 18 pounds & see more muscle definition!

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Loved it. Love, love, love this program. THANKS! You guys are AWESOME!


Just signed up for DailyBurn and I LOVE it already. Today is a great day to start getting in the best shape of your life!


I pushed all the way through! And it is worth it! I felt accomplished.


Thanks for another great workout! Again I only had time for a fast workout and this was perfect!

Say Goodbye To DVDs

No matter where you are, you can get access to your DailyBurn workouts — all you need is an internet connection. You can watch your workouts on your computer, iPad®, iPhone®, Android®, Roku®, TV and more. It's easy to get access at your house, at the gym, or on the road — you are never without your DailyBurn workouts.

Supported Devices
  • iPad®
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  • AppleTV®
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  • Samsung Smart TV
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  • PS3™ System

Unparalleled Variety

From Dance Aerobics to Kettlebells and Yoga, you'll get unparalleled variety. DailyBurn's vast array of workouts means you'll never get bored and will always have a new workout to try.

Trainers Working For You

With unique philosophies and personalities our team of professional expert trainers will keep you engaged and get you faster results while having fun.
Here are some of our elite trainers.

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Typical Personal Trainer At A Gym
Trainer Cost
$400/monthat $50/hour, twice a week*
Trainer Variety
One trainer for your whole program
Trainer Availability
You work around your trainer’s schedule
Workout Accessibility
You have to travel to the gym

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