Recipes tagged with "lunch"

  • Chilled Shrimp Scampi
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    This low-carb lunch is savory and satisfying thanks to a powerful flavor combination of garlic, lemon, onion, olive oil, and parsley.

  • Raspberry Chicken Salad
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 21 ratings

    This sweet and crunchy salad is juicy enough for folks who like an afternoon treat, but crunchy enough for folks who need a salad with substance.

  • Single Serving Turkey Meatloaf Muffins
    Star Star Star Avg of 32 ratings

    Want an easy and tasty make-ahead-of-time lunch that reheats well in your microwave at work? These turkey meatloaf muffins were once the secret of bodybuilders who a needed quick and easy high protein meal. Now the secret is out!

  • Chilled Shrimp Quinoa Pasta Salad
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    Pasta salad is a great lunch choice that can help you sneak in a few servings of veggies without eating a salad in the afternoon. This recipe calls for gluten-free quinoa pasta that can be found in most grocery stores next to the whole-wheat pasta.

  • Single Serving Garden Veggie Quiche
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    Making eggs can be messy, but this easy recipe can be made in a few minutes without much effort. Prep the vegetables the night before and to save time. Bake in the morning and reheat for lunch for a portable egg-based lunch.

  • Cobb Salad
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 37 ratings

    Need a protein-rich lunch that will keep you full for a while? The classic cobb salad delivers every time. This salad is a true meal. We’ve taken away the bacon and blue cheese that you will find on many traditional cobb salads so that this recipe works with DailyBurn Ignite.

  • Chicken Strawberry Spinach Salad
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 24 ratings

    The iron in spinach is unlocked for your body to absorb when you eat it with foods high in vitamin C. We’ve paired spinach with vitamin C-rich strawberries for this juicy salad that will satisfy your sweet tooth without sending your blood sugar sky high.

  • Bento Box
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 29 ratings

    If you are super busy and you don’t have time to pull together a meal to bring with you for lunch, pack a bento box. A bento box is a variety of vegetable and protein snacks that together form a full meal. Here are the ingredients that we suggest. Feel free to build your own.

  • Tuna Nicoise Salad
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 38 ratings

    This classic salad stands the test of time because it is so delicious. High in selenium, B vitamins, and vitamin K, this salad is great for people who want sustained energy throughout the afternoon.

  • Crab Stuffed Avocado
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 19 ratings

    Crab and avocado makes for a creamy and sweet low-carb lunch treat.

  • Chilled Coconut Cashew Rice Noodles
    Star Star Star Avg of 37 ratings

    This filling cold noodle dish captures Thai flavors that will fuel you all afternoon.

  • Asian Chicken Salad
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 24 ratings

    If you are a fan of crunchy foods, this salad will hit the spot. Cashews, shredded carrots, and napa cabbage will satisfy your crunchy craving.

  • Chicken Taco Salad
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 26 ratings

    This protein-packed lunch is perfect for an after workout lunch. It’s easy to prepare and easy to pack, plus salsa acts as a low-calorie and potent flavor booster.

  • Crab Stuffed Endive Cups
    Star Star Star Star Avg of 15 ratings

    Crab is sweet and satisfying, not to mention high in protein. This refreshing salad is perfect to make the night before and store in a small container that you can bring to work with you the next morning.

  • Turkey and Veggie Rollups
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    Sandwiches are a classic lunch staple, but the best part of a sandwich isn’t the bread - it’s the fillings. We’ve turned a sandwich recipe inside out but using turkey slices to hold the fillings together. These roll-ups also make a fun finger food for kids.