Ignite-Friendly Recipes

  • Crustless Vegetable Quiche

    A quiche without a crust is not only healthier (10 grams of fat gone), it’s easier to put together, too. This spinach, mushroom and potato meal is hearty, high in protein and practically makes itself. One slice means you’re getting a full serving of vegetables first thing in the morning. Talk about starting the day off right! Plus, it can be made ahead and heated up for a quick breakfast all week long.

  • Curry Spice Vegetable and Grain Bowl

    This is a bowl that is sure to energize you. It has all the components of a complete and satisfying meal: whole grains, protein, nutrient-dense vegetables and healthy fats. All of the vegetables are served lightly-steamed or raw to preserve vital nutrients. If you want to pack lunch for the week, make everything in advance and refrigerate each component in a separate container. Assemble your grain bowls each morning and top with fresh avocado!

  • Low-Carb Pasta Primavera with Pesto

    Add some color to your plate with this cheerful, veggie-packed recipe. Coming in at only 295 calories, this gluten-free, vegan dish is a scrumptious alternative to carb-heavy spaghetti. Low-calorie tofu noodles remove the guilt from eating a bowl of pasta, while the rich sunflower seed pesto ensures each bite will still be enjoyable.

  • Zucchini Noodles and Meatballs

    Spaghetti and meatballs is the quintessential Italian-American supper, but with 770 calories, 42 grams of fat and 87 grams of carbohydrates per serving, the dish can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy diet. In this lighter version, we defatted the meatballs with lean turkey and served them with fresh zucchini noodles — or zoodles, as we like to call them — in place of the starchy kind. Substituting zucchini also adds fiber and nutrients to the meal, including folate, which supports metabolism; and magnesium, which plays a major role in muscle contraction. So when you’re pumping out extra reps the next morning, you’ll know why.

  • Banana Nutella Protein Muffins

    Banana bread muffins, delicious on their own, are even more delectable with a hidden bite of Nutella that adds just the right amount of extra sweetness. In this recipe, whole-wheat flour brings antioxidants, fiber and essential minerals to the table, while protein powder, walnuts and yogurt give the muffins some serious muscle. This is a power snack if we’ve ever seen one!

  • Steak Fajitas

    Tex-Mex fajitas are generally made using skirt steak, which we admit is mouthwateringly good, but also dangerously fatty. Top round steak is a lean cut of beef with 100 fewer calories and 86 percent less fat per serving. Plus, it’s still plenty juicy so you won’t sacrifice any flavor. Stuff it all into a low-carb, high-fiber tortillas, which you can enjoy two of for the calories in one.

  • Shrimp and Quinoa Grits

    Cajun shrimp and smooth Swiss chard sit atop cheesy quinoa in this healthier take on the classic Southern “shrimp and grits.” There’s usually an abundance of butter and cheese in grits, making the dish a calorie bomb. This recipe drops the butter altogether, cuts back on cheese and adds nonfat yogurt for creaminess instead. Quinoa takes the place of corn for a nutrient-dense, high-protein base.

  • Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

    Whether you’re feeding hungry party guests or picky kids, you can’t go wrong with a healthier take on this popular appetizer. Lean chicken skewers covered in creamy (but guilt-free!) peanut sauce are a delicious start to any meal. Top it off with a coconut curry marinade that adds a complex aroma, which pairs perfectly with the spicy dipping sauce.

  • Breakfast Empanadas

    Say goodbye to the crumbly biscuit and greasy croissant. The breakfast sandwich has a fresh new look. Empanada dough has only a quarter of the fat and half the calories of buttery breads, plus it’s way less messy to eat. One serving kick-starts your day with 30 grams of protein so you’ll have enough stamina to tackle the morning ahead. If you’re not serving a family of four, we suggest freezing a batch. It only takes 15 minutes in the oven, and then let it cool and you’ll be good to go.

  • Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers

    Whip up these tasty black bean burgers for a great meatless alternative to beef patties, without the added saturated fat. Place it on a whole-wheat bun to make your sandwich a complete protein, and top it off with tomatoes (a good source of vitamin C) to help your body better absorb iron from the beans. Serve the dish with a side of baked sweet potato fries because honestly, what’s a burger without fries?

  • Black Bean and Orange Hummus

    Reward your muscles after a hard workout with a high-protein snack that aids in recovery. This hummus includes black beans, cottage cheese and almond butter, for a whopping 32 grams of protein per serving. Aromatic herbs and refreshing orange zest make the dip so irresistible, you won’t even mind that you have to eat it with celery.

  • Quinoa Shrimp Spring Roll

    Are you in a lunch rut? Try whipping up this Asian-inspired dish. Portable, delicious ,and most importantly nutritious, these rolls will keep you full and satisfied with 7.5 grams of protein in just one serving. You can find rice paper at most supermarkets, though they are also available at specialty Asian grocery stores.

  • Kale Chicken Caesar Salad

    Caesar salads don’t exactly have a reputation for being healthy. Hiding between leaves of lettuce are often tons of cheese, white-bread croutons and thick, heavy dressing. In this healthier version, we swapped out romaine for nutrient-dense kale, did away with the croutons, and tossed in crunchy roasted chickpeas instead. The dressing has so much flavor and creaminess, you won’t even realize most of the cheese was cut out of it. A juicy grilled chicken breast rounds out this salad for a complete meal that’s worthy of your tastebuds.

  • Cottage Cheese Cantaloupe Bowl

    Cottage cheese is a healthful snack that’s low in fat and loaded with casein protein, which digests slowly in the stomach to keep you full for hours. The savory flavors of cottage cheese pair well with sweet cantaloupe for a healthy snack that almost tastes like dessert. Reach for this quick snack when you’re in need of a mid-day pick-me-up that’s packed with vitamins B and C.

  • Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito

    You won’t miss the meat in this burrito when it’s substituted with sautéed sweet potatoes and creamy black beans. The complex carbohydrates in this hearty wrap help stabilize blood sugar while protein and fiber keep hunger at bay. We think chipotle peppers spice it up just right, but a few avocado slices would help cool it down if that’s what you wish.