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    larish09 answered the Question: I need some motivation

    I lost about 4 pounds after one week of inferno and can already feel a difference in my body with conditioning and toning. I currently weigh 235 and i want to be about 165. I am having trouble with Ignite because i was born with CAH which basically i cannot retain salt and salt goes right through me so I have to eat all the salt as i possibly can. I was always on prednisone and also i was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago so i also take medication for that. I also went through 10 surgeries so far in my life and i am only 22. I play softball for a college but yet i still somehow put weight on from all of my medication so I am trying everything i can possibly can to rebuild leg strength (severe leg surgery in december only starting walking 1 month ago) and to lose weight without causing problems with my medical conditions. So far the inferno program is working for me without being on ignite

    10 months ago
  • larish09
    larish09 asked the Question: Is stevia okay to have in a protein shake?

    I do not have the money to buy the fuel from here because I am a college student with a job that does not pay well. I found another source of protein and it is called Sunwarrior Warrior Blend. It stays away from the evil 6 but there is some stevia in the ingredients. Will this hurt the ignite program for me?

    11 months ago

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