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  • Cleverly

    I've lost 12 lbs with DB in 60 days, but this year I'm down 33lbs, and total from my heaviest recorded weight almost 50lbs. There was point in which something clicked in me, and my corporate desk job is now missing something for me... activity. I am looking to see what people have to say about becoming or being a trainer and what others wish they got from their trainers (along with doing research) before I total upend my current career.

    9 months ago
  • Cleverly
    Cleverly answered the Question: Is the 5-hour diet healthy?

    I've been fasting for a year now, I give myself a 5 hour window 5-10 M-Th and then I do whatever I want on the weekend (with in healthy limits) I have more energy and have lost 35 pounds YTD so far by doing this and combining with exercise. It's more of a lifestyle change than a diet at this point but I love it, I never have to worry about counting calories. If you like the idea of the paleo diet fasting is just an additional step you can take, you fast for a full day and then from there pick your schedule or simply only eat when you are actually hungry (remember to always drink water first as sometimes you may feel hungry but are actually only thirsty). is a good place to get more free online info about fasting. I have no preexisting conditions like diabetes so fasting works perfect for me, if you have any medical conditions you would want to check if your body could handle it. I love fasting, I think it makes a hell of a lot more sense in nature than manufacturing structures times in which to eat.

    10 months ago