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  • Jessyrabbit
    Jessyrabbit asked the Question: Correct Plank Form?

    I have no problems doing planks when I am on my elbows, but I am on day 37 and done Hydraulic Lower Body of Cardio Sculpt several times and I just feel awkward doing any exercise involving planks! I thought maybe it was just the first time I did the exercise but after doing it 3 times I don't think thats it anymore.

    When I stay still or on my elbows I have no problem, but I just feel like I am not doing it correctly, have to keep readjusting, and end not doing most of the actual exercise cause I'm focused on where my hands are placed!! I stay in table top but I don't feel like thats a challenge!

    Am I not strong enough? I would appreciate any tips on how to acheive correct plank for on hands.

    4 months ago