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  • Jinxy100

    I agree. It would be great. :)

    about 1 year ago
  • Jinxy100

    I never got dirty looks, but my high self esteem may not let me notice them. LOL

    You're doing a great thing for yourself and for your health so you really shouldn't care about the looks you get.

    I know that's hard to do, because, after all, one of the reasons for which we try to lose weight is to be attractive. So you're kind of doing it for the looks.

    You should try and find pride in what you do. People give dirty looks to everyone. Doesn't really matter if you're skinny or big. People always find something bad to say and stuff, whether it's because of jealousy or simple meanness. Don't let that put you down, you're doing a great job !

    I don't know about sporting goods. There's a problem with many stores who don't have some sizes. That's just how it goes unfortunately. :( All you can do about it is try and find a store who provides bigger sizes or have some sporting clothes made for you.

    over 1 year ago
  • Jinxy100
    Jinxy100 answered the Question: Working out mulitple days in a row...

    People say it's best to choose what you feel you can do. For my knowledge you shouldn't work the same muscle groups every day, that gives muscle time to rest, heal and so on. However at some point you may feel the need to do more.

    Someone asked a question about running every day. It's sort of weird to say you can't run every day as you walk every day.

    So in the end I think it's best to do what your body tells you to do. But don't forget to rest from time to time.

    Also, Daily Burn suggests work outs, but there's a variety to choose from, you don't necessarily have to do the suggested one.

    I try to work lower body one day and upper body the other. That kinda keeps things balanced. But, as said, you can walk every day.

    over 1 year ago