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  • andgon238
    andgon238 answered the Question: Any other 5'2" and under dieters out there?

    I know how this feels. My torso is so short, and my body is small, so I really feel like I have to eat so much less than everyone else, even to maintain my weight, and now that I'm trying to lose ~30 lbs, it's getting really difficult to get rid of the extra pounds just because it's very slow cutting down only the proper amount of calories (if you go too low, you get into starvation mode), but not seeing results quickly is discouraging, too =(

    6 months ago
  • andgon238
    andgon238 answered the Question: Why are you doing Ignite?

    I started Ignite because I've gained about 30 lbs in 3 years. My roommate is a real foodie, and she likes to cook all this really rich food, so despite working out a fair amount, I've been gradually increasing my pants size. I hope that controlling my diet will help me rid myself of some of the cravings for bread, cheese and chocolate that have been my downfall in the past, and help me look good in the process.

    7 months ago