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  • gbpn26

    I have been battling my weight struggle for over 10 years since adolescence. I practically know every trick in the book when it comes to nutrition and fitness. I have ton a ton of research, but when push comes to shove- my actions don't speak louder than words. I have this toxic all-or-nothing attitude and tendency where I either push myself to spend a radical amount of time working out and stay tremendously disciplined on my diet for a few weeks- or I'm ordering an obscene amount of takeout and totally sedentary. I also have that habit of weighing myself every day- obsessing over my "progress." I want to make a change- physically and mentally. I need to lose 20-30 lbs in order to be healthy and content with myself. I just don't want to go crazy and then burn out, as usual. Help?

    6 months ago
  • gbpn26
    gbpn26 answered the Question: How do I cut down on grocery costs?

    i would recommend a farmer's market or any local markets rather than chains? the quality and cost seem to be better on both ends, but i'm not sure what you have access to. i also buy my oats, whole grain rice, seeds, and nuts in bulk. 90% of my diet is fruits and vegetables and i always thought it would get too expensive- but crap food is just as expensive, and so is eating out, and going to the bar. if you make the compromise, you will more than likely end up saving money and getting healthy!!! hope this helps!

    8 months ago
  • gbpn26
    gbpn26 answered the Question: Can beginners do the Inferno workout?

    i wanted to do the same thing starting out fairly out of shape....i did a TBT workout and was ready to fall over halfway though... so from there i decided to constantly work in "discover mode" and try a variety according to how i feel on the day- and i'll probably start inferno in 2-3 months when i know i can go everyday 100%. you do NOT want to hurt yourself- otherwise it will set you back further from accomplishing any goals! the coolest things i've found so far about dailyburn is that you can make the workouts as hard as you need to- and also do modifications if you're reaching your limit (ie id die doing as many regular pushups as they try to get you to do on some of these)

    9 months ago