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  • jcfabio77
    jcfabio77 commented on clgersch's answer to Where is Samsung Smart TV app??:

    now i'm getting super frustrated. i reinstalled the dailyburn samsung app and activated it by entering the code. now the app is on my tv but won't even open. when you click on it, it says it's connecting...starts to open...and then just closes automatically and returns to my main app screen. try again..same thing. I even uninstalled and reinstalled..same result.

    12 months ago
  • jcfabio77
    jcfabio77 asked the Question: Where is Samsung Smart TV app??

    I somehow had it working last week when I signed up, but the app now tells me my account needs to be activated? I login to the website and it said I was activated (the app too). Figured I'd try to deactivate and start over. Now I can't even find the Samsung app on your website?! What's going on? So frustrating.

    about 1 year ago