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  • krishnanclips
    krishnanclips asked the Question: Has anyone on DailyBurn tried raw food?

    I've eaten raw food off and on over the years but never been consistent. I've been a lifelong vegetarian and so making the transition is not that difficult as it would be for a meat-eater. I want to lose about 4-5 pounds by the end of the month when the wife comes back. I put on that weight following an enforced period of rest following a fracture of the foot. I thought I had cut back on food and substituted healthy salads, but I notice I've actually also been snacking on fried and other high-calorie junk food in the middle. Exercise consisted of very gentle stretches and weight training done sitting on the bed (upperbody mostly). I resumed a raw food plan two days ago. Plan to see how it works

    about 2 years ago