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  • ksullivan
    ksullivan commented on anjag's answer to DB HRM reading low?:

    Thanks, Anja! I don't know, I guess??? i've always had low HR and blood pressure. I'm a lifelong runner and climber but finding DB more convenient after having a babe. Been doing Inferno for many months and I like the workouts in Inferno HR but not getting into the zone is a bit frustrating. I'll keep trying!

    2 months ago
  • ksullivan
    ksullivan asked the Question: DB HRM reading low?

    I just got the DB HRM and have been doing inferno HR. I am having trouble getting my HR into zone 5 or even into zone 4, and when the people on the screen are slowing down to keep their HR in zone 4, for example, I am giving my all to stay in zone 3. It appears that it's always reading me 1 zone lower than what I'm actually in. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to calibrate it? Any advice appreciated.

    3 months ago