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    What time do you normally go to sleep? Midnight seems to be very late to be snacking, unless you normally have a body clock like that and go to bed around that time.

    The best thing I do to control cravings at night, is to NOT watch TV right after dinner, my partner and I try to go for a short walk after dinner so we get out of the house and help the digestion along. Watching TV always makes me feel like noshing on something, so instead I try to do something engaging, blogging, tidying, reading, drawing, tending to your part time ebay store, even planning your meals for the next day, anything to keep your mind engaged so that food is away from the mind.

    Another way to stop eating junk food at night is to not buy junk food. I don't know about you but around here, if it's in the house, it's fair game. If I need to snack I try to go for veggies, forest fruits, herbal teas, things that are not heavy on the stomach but satisfy the need to put something in your mouth (no pun intended). If I am seriously hungry at night (and I mean seriously, like I don't think I can sleep my stomach is growling hungry) then I have a protein shake or a handful of almonds.

    Remember: Everybody gets craving and falls off the wagon, but these are my tricks that my partner and I live by, I hope these tips help you too!

    6 months ago
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    I have been doing move and I love it! My advice if you want to spice it up: click on the discover button and you can try any workout from any program, the 15 minute workouts are great, as are the trainers' own 9 minute workouts. Also try Kicking it With Keaira, that's one of my new favourite workouts, I think it's from the cardio sculpt program.

    Have fun!

    8 months ago

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