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  • msrobinski
    msrobinski answered the Question: Need help increasing arm strength-female

    I suggest you do upper body, biceps and triceps exercises twice a week. Do a lot of bicep curls, concentration curls, tricep extensions, tricep pushdown/press, kickbacks, dips, etc. Lat pull downs-front and back-too. Try doing 3 sets of each exercise, going up in weight with each set. Keep your reps low. For example: on concentration curls, do 10 lbs for 12 reps, 15 lbs for 10 reps, 20 lbs for 8 reps. Also, get an Iron Gym pull-up bar. You can use this bar to do various pull-ups, push ups, and dips. Try to increase the weight you lift-not the amount of reps you can do. Do some exercises to failure. You are going for strength, not toning. If you don't feel it the next day, you are not pushing yourself hard enough-not for the academy. I know. I went through the academy. I was the smallest person in the academy and one of the strongest and fastest. Using the above workout philosophy, I finished 3rd out of 28 men and women. Only two young guys finished ahead of me. So my point out of all that is: you can do it if you push yourself hard enough. I'm not a professional fitness trainer-just a lifetime health minded woman. If you are not experienced with weight training, get someone to help you. Ask your academy fitness instructor for help. One last tip: if you are having a lot of muscle soreness, take vitamin C and potassium supplements. This worked wonders for me while I was in the academy. Eating bananas each day just wasn't enough. I wish you lots of luck!

    about 1 year ago