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  • raqueline01

    I am following a vegan diet. I decided to try it, mainly to prevent diabetes. And of course, the other wonderful benefits. Losing weight, feel great, not tired after i eat or lethargic, skin looks great. I gradually cut things back little by little. Stopped eating red meat first. Implemented black beans. No fried foods for a while. I would have my once a week cheat. Eggs I stopped eating last because they were my favorite. Just taking away one thing and adding something healthy . Making consistent healthy changes. I dont even crave sugar meat and fried food anymore. I may have my cheat meal now twice a month. But i dont miss it at all. Now instead of looking at fast food, i try to find an exotic (affordable) restaurant, indian, greek, etc and try something new. It has been abt 6 months since i started the changes. And i feel great. Try to find ur quick vegan staples u like and go from there. Mine are barley, black peans and almonds. Lots of raw fruits and veggies. I hope that helps u :)

    over 1 year ago