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  • toronto416

    Hi guys! Jon from Toronto, Canada here. I'm a marathon runner and backpacker who is recovering from an injury and nearly back to 100% again. I'm finding this time around I HATE the elliptical or other cardio equipment at the gym, and want to try these programs out. What I've learned is that a combination of programs usually works well to prevent boredom and injury. I want to get going with ignite and have also heard the cardio/weightloss benefits of using light kettlebells. Can you try out two different programs or just sign up for one?
    My goal is to lose 30 pounds by October 8, 2013. Does anyone else want to join me? I bring a lot of years of training, eating (usually) well, and motivation. I just want to find someone I can talk to via email to compare notes and see if we can learn something from each other. Thanks guys!!

    about 1 year ago