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Anja Garcia knows how to get the most out of you while always keeping a smile on her face. She'll teach you how to push yourself to the limit while enjoying every minute of it.

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21 daus 3 challenges

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To get the best results with Inferno, you'll need a Medicine Ball, a Box, and Dumbbells--all easily found online or at your local sporting good store.

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Inferno is the hardest program you will ever do--and that's why it works. Inferno uses breakthrough sequences to accelerate your metabolism and shred your body fast. In every workout you'll push to your limit getting the most out of your body. Inferno also includes strategically placed rest days to give your body much needed repair before you push it again. In just 21 short days you'll burn your fat off and sculpt the best muscles you've ever had.

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What Our Members Are Saying

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    This workout was REALLY fun! It was a little easy for me, but a good 2nd workout since yesterday's was pretty intense. Loved it. Love, love, love this program. THANKS! You guys are AWESOME!

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    Just signed up for Daily Burn and I LOVE it already. Today is a great day to start getting in the best shape of your life!

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    thanks for another great workout! again I only had time for a fast workout and this was perfect!

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