Happy 2nd Birthday to Life! Plus, 5 Reasons We Love Our Readers

Black Forest Protein Shake

Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote

Pass the cake batter protein shake — it’s Life by DailyBurn’s second birthday! Just last year, we thanked five million of you for committing to fitness with us. Today, we’re excited to say we’ve reached 22 million readers since launch (only five of whom are our moms).

Now, 1,173 posts later, our team of five staffers (and 30-plus contributors!) is more dedicated than ever to bringing you the best tips, workouts and motivation around. After all, you deserve it.

Over the last two years together, we learned to love the run, made it through leg day (thanks, @thebenbooker!), and saw some truly remarkable weight loss transformations. Here, a few of our favorite moments from our terribl(y) awesome twos, served up with a big, sweaty thank you.

5 Reasons We Heart You So Hard

Weight Loss Success Stories

1. Your success stories floor us.

It’s no secret that DailyBurn workouts deliver. That’s why we’re proud to feature our programs — and your resulting success stories — here on Life. Of the 10 brave and inspiring users who have let us into their homes, we saw a total combined weight loss of 586 pounds over many hard-earned months, along with so many victories that can’t be read on a scale. Kacey, Will, Kayla and Sean — we come to work every day because of users like you.

Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Photo and Recipe: Lee Hersh

2. You’re cool with our protein obsession.

Confession: We add protein powder to just about everything. Smoothies, cookies, pancakes — heck, even ice cream isn’t safe. As long as you keep asking for ‘em, we’ll promise to deliver. (And seriously, keep telling us which dishes you love, and which ones you hate. No. More. Tilapia. Noted!)

3. You’re blowing up Twitter.

Remember that time we trended worldwide on Twitter for more than 12 hours straight? We’ve got to hand it to you — and DailyBurn’s own Bob Harper — for getting vocal about your fitness goals, woes and routines. Together, we’ll always be #hotlikeblackfire.

Pets of Instagram

4. Your pets win at Life.

On April 11, in honor of National Pet Day, we made our intrepid foray into the wild world of pet journalism. Sure, everyone’s doing it. Our dogs are just a little bit fitter. (And if human inspiration is more your speed, check out these exemplary individuals who get us double tapping on IG.)

5. You want the truth about all the trends.

It wasn’t all fun (and burpee GIFs) this past year on Life. We also took a hard look at some questionable health trends. Corset training like Khloe and Kim Kardashian? Eating clay to cleanse? We dug into the research, and weighed in on the facts.

Of course, our work is only just beginning, and DailyBurn has some truly game-changing plans for the seasons ahead. Expect more motivation — and not just on Mondays, but every day of the week. So tighten up those laces and keep checking in!