Our 2-Week Booty Burn Challenge Has Arrived

Are you up for the Booty Burn Challenge? Two weeks of glute and lower body focused workouts will have your legs shaking while you build serious strength and power from the ground up. The challenge has workouts in a wide variety of styles from many of your favorite Daily Burn programs, so your body and […]

Introducing the Summer Abs Challenge!

Our newest challenge is here and it’s all about your core! Over just two weeks, the Summer Abs Challenge will help you build stronger abs, with the added bonus of working on your balance and stability for a full-core experience. You’ve got 14 days (including two essential rest days!), you’ll knock this challenge out.  We’re […]

Daily Burn At-Home Social Distancing Member Report

How members are embracing at-home fitness during social distancing Overview: As more and more folks turn to at-home fitness options while staying in, Daily Burn wanted to get a pulse on how members both new and old are handling their new routine.  In a survey of 5,446 active Daily Burn members in the U.S., 18 […]

Introducing Sweat Sessions

Get ready to break through any fitness plateaus and get stronger than ever with Sweat Sessions! These advanced HIIT workouts are efficient, intense, and effective. Take your goals to the next level with workouts that increase in duration and intensity as you get stronger. With workouts, rest days and optional add-on cardio days, you’ll reach […]

Are you drinking enough water? Find out with our 14-day water challenge!

Are you drinking enough water? Find out with our 14-day water challenge! We’re spending the next 14 days focused on what it feels like to drink the recommended amount of water each day. We’ll be starting this together on Monday, February 24th, but you can do this challenge whenever it fits into your schedule.  Hydration knows […]

Start Your New Year off Right with the 2020 Fitness Challenge

At Daily Burn, we know you have big goals for the New Year—that’s why we’re helping you kick it off right with our 2020 Challenge! Show us what you’ve got as you sweat through 20 straight days of workouts that take less than 20 minutes to complete. Yep, you read that right, under 20 minutes […]

Daily Burn’s Holiday Fitness Report

Sticking to goals and staying motivated during the most wonderful time of the year Overview: With the holidays quickly approaching, Daily Burn surveyed 2,452 Daily Burn’s members in the U.S., 18 and older, who have an active membership to learn more about how and if people plan to keep up with their fitness goals during […]

Drool-Worthy Ezekiel Toast Recipes

11 Drool-Worthy Ezekiel Toast Recipes

Meet the real wonder bread! Ezekiel bread is lower in carbs and gluten, and higher in protein and fiber than your standard loaf. Here are 11 crave-worthy toast recipes to try now.

Fiesta Taco Bowl Recipe

Vegan Fiesta Taco Bowl Recipe from Chloe Coscarelli

You’ll never go hungry with this filling taco bowl recipe, which packs ground seitan and tofu for plant-based protein. The creamy lime sour cream and crispy tortilla strips give this vegan salad an interesting mix of textures and flavors.