This Music Player Lets You Listen to Spotify Without Draining Data

This Music Player Lets You Listen to Spotify Without Draining Data

Running or riding to the beat of your favorite jams can help boosts your mood, but science says it can actually improve your performance, too. Rocking out to the rhythm will not only distract you from discomfort but also make you work harder. The faster the beat, the faster you go. And while you can listen to music from your phone or watch, chances are it’ll drain the battery life and drive data usage. So we found the solution to listening to your go-to playlist on-the-go. Enter Mighty, a music player that links up to your music streaming account, like Spotify, and stores more than 1,000 songs.

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With Mighty clipped to your shirt, shorts or your shoe, you have all the hits you need to get through a long run, a steep bike ride or a HIIT workout, without having to carry your phone. (Translation: You’ll also find fewer distractions or disruptions without all those notifications popping up.) The best part is the player stores all your songs offline. So when you’re out on the open road with zero wifi or cell service, you still have some jams to keep you upbeat and moving forward.

One of our favorite features of music streaming services is the endless number of playlists that help uncover new songs. And thankfully, the Mighty lets you store a series of those line-ups right on the device. To top it off, Mighty offers five hours of battery life, pairs with most headphones and is shatter- and water-resistant. Consider any excuse you have for not getting those steps in — especially outside and on your own — squashed with this user-friendly, portable music player.

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