Want to Know Your Body Fat Percentage? Get This Scale

Getting a solid picture of your health doesn’t just come down to the number you see on the scale. You’ll get an even better understanding by knowing more about your body composition — aka how much body fat you have, compared to lean tissue. In fact, studies show a link between low body fat percentage and a longer life.

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Scale: Kalorik Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale

Experts use several in-office methods to find out your precise fat to muscle ratio, but you can also track your numbers right at home. And you’re easiest option is a smart scale like the Kalorik Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale, available to Life readers for just $37.99 (originally $44.99).

This wireless scale will not only tell you your weight, but it also uses bioelectrical impedance to reveal your percent body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and BMI (or your body mass index, which is your weight in relation to your height). Better yet, it tells you your water levels so you know if you need to add more H2O breaks to your day. And to top it off, the corresponding app suggests a daily calorie number to help you reach all of your health goals.

For those with multiple people under one roof, the scale also stores up to 10 users’ information. That way, everyone can track their stats at once. It’s all the information you need, right at your fingertips (or, toes).

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