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9 Creative Low-Carb Noodle Recipes

Craving pasta but trying to cut back on carbs? These genius veggie-based noodle recipes will satisfy your taste buds and give you extra nutrients to boot!


8 Anything-But-Ordinary Treadmills

Tired of your average treadmill? From a hockey ‘mill to a stationary kayak, these unconventional fitness machines will level up your next workout.

The Weekly Burn

The Weekly Burn: Up in Smoke

Our favorite health and fitness articles from the week, including energy drinks as a gateway to smoking and decreases in stroke rates.

Sweet Potato Kale Tacos

8 Ridiculously Easy Quinoa Recipes

Your taste buds won’t be disappointed with these delicious quinoa recipes, packed with enough superfoods to fortify you diet and keep you full and satisfied.

Leg Press DOMS

No Pain, No Gain? 5 Myths About DOMS

Is post-workout soreness a badge of honor or a sign of going too hard? Learn everything you need to know about delayed onset muscle soreness, better known as DOMS.