10 Foods to Help You Sleep

Craving for a better night’s rest? The starting point to achieving consistent quality sleep is to review your current sleep hygiene practices! But there are also several sleep-inducing foods that may help you reduce the risk of sleep disruptions and get more hours of good sleep.

The Reasons You Need to Spend More Time in Nature

Although we all feel that spending time in nature is good for us, we may not always realize all the specific health benefits we’re getting from being in a natural environment. Let’s dig into the key reasons why you need to spend more time in nature’s different forms, and how doing so may boost your overall health.

Four Proven Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

While an afternoon slump can be totally normal for most people, it can be an indicator that you’re not getting enough – and good quality – sleep. Unfortunately, there’s no magic spell that can make you sleep well at night, but there are some simple steps towards better sleep habits, also known as sleep hygiene.