Daily Burn At-Home Social Distancing Member Report

How members are embracing at-home fitness during social distancing

Overview: As more and more folks turn to at-home fitness options while staying in, Daily Burn wanted to get a pulse on how members both new and old are handling their new routine. 

In a survey of 5,446 active Daily Burn members in the U.S., 18 and older, Daily Burn discovered how members are working out in their free time and what keeps them motivated to keep up their wellness goals under quarantine. We’ve also included insight and expert advice from Daily Burn’s Director of Fitness, Amanda Murdock, on the trends found throughout the report.

Convenience Is Top of Mind (Even Post-Quarantine)

  • An overwhelming majority of members (93%) think they’ll keep working out from home after the quarantine is over. Of these 93%, 88% name convenience as the biggest factor in why they’re continuing their at-home workouts even after gyms and fitness centers reopen. 
  • A good variety of workouts (69%) as well as the affordability (54%) of programs like Daily Burn were also top considerations for why at-home workouts are here to stay – particularly since 53% for respondents also said that since working out from home, they’ve enjoyed it better than going to a gym or class. 
    • “At-home workouts can also be a great way to supplement any programs you’re doing in a gym or at a group fitness class,” Daily Burn’s Director of Fitness Amanda Murdock shares. “If a specific move or exercise you prefer isn’t covered in class, you can always continue the workout on your own when you get home.”

Staying Motivated + Managing Stress While Home

  • While most members joined Daily Burn either to lose weight (38%) or move more (28%), a whopping 82% of members shared that working out at home has also helped with mental health and managing stress. 
  • Members named managing stress and mental health (71%) as one of the top factors keeping them motivated to workout at home, followed by scheduling their workouts in their calendar (38%)
    • Focusing on those non-scale victories, like feeling better mentally or physically, can do wonders for your motivation and commitment to an at-home workout,” shares Amanda.
  • However, 26% of members aren’t warming up or cooling down before/after their workouts. Additionally, 73% report worrying about their form when they’re doing exercises on their own. 
    • “Warm-ups and cool-downs are incredibly essential parts of your workout,” explains Amanda. “And a good guideline for checking your form, other than taking a video of yourself working out or asking someone else to check your form, is that if you’re in pain during an exercise – stop.”

Trying Out New Workouts

  • Daily Burn members are big fans of our HIIT workouts, as 52% of members reported that they were doing High-Intensity workouts the most while quarantined, with Cardio (16%) a popular second choice. 
  • Members are also expanding past their comfort zone to try out new routines. 73% of respondents said they’ve tried out a new workout they’ve never done before, with members trying out a variety of Pilates/Barre (35%), 10-minute Tone (35%), Power Cardio (33%), and/or Kickboxing classes (33%)
    • “HIIT is a popular option for a lot of people because it’s super effective at getting your heart rate up in a short amount of time,” Amanda explains. “However, depending on your fitness goals (and schedule), other low-intensity workouts like beginner yoga or Pilates can also provide the workout you’re looking for.”
  • In addition to Daily Burn workouts, members are also turning to other at-home solutions like walking/running with their dog (60%) or getting their steps in by walking around the house (48%) as small ways to stay active during this time. 

Finding Community Away From the Gym

  • Members have dealt with the social isolation of quarantining with the help of Daily Burn. 37% of members say the Daily Burn community (through our active Facebook group or within the app) has helped motivate them to achieve their goals. 
  • 24% of members are also turning to family members during quarantine to involve them in their workouts, and 5% of members reported that the majority of their workouts were actually family workouts. 
    • “Everyone begins at a different skill and fitness levels when they first join Daily Burn, and so we want to provide workouts for all age ranges and skills,” shares Amanda. “This is why you’ll see programs like 365 Fit Family on our platform – the more people moving the better!”




Daily Burn conducted the survey in April 2020 via an online survey form to its active members from a sample of 5,446, ages 18 and over from the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii, in English. Respondents are paying or trial members of Daily Burn’s fitness collective, including Daily Burn At-Home, HIIT by Daily Burn, Yoga by Daily Burn, and Running by Daily Burn memberships. 


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