Daily Burn’s Audio Workouts: Take Your Fitness On-the-Go

Daily Burn’s New Audio Workouts: Take Your Fitness On-the-Go
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Do you ever wish you had someone telling you exactly what to do on an outdoor run or on the treadmill? Someone to give you tips on form, plus when to pick up and slow down your speed? Perhaps you’ve vowed to get stronger, but feel completely lost at the gym. Or, maybe you’ve considered meditating, but need some guidance to get you to zen. Well, good news: Daily Burn is here to grant all three wellness wishes — thanks to its just-launched Audio Workouts.

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What Daily Burn’s Audio Workouts Are All About

Now available to all premium members, Daily Burn Audio Workouts include everything from interval runs (outdoor or treadmill) to beginner yoga to quick meditations you can do every day. You’ll also get strength and conditioning workouts (think MetCon and HIIT), along with Pilates and core-centric sequences. So whether you’re looking to build strength, run longer, get flexible or find calm, there’s something for you.

Best of all, these workouts are easily accessible. Both iOS and Android users can download any (or all) 30 workouts to take to the road, gym or mat. (Translation: You don’t have to worry about cell data.)

“Audio workouts are perfect for anyone on the go or anyone who wants to be able to do their workout anytime, anywhere,” says Cheri Paige Fogelman, a Daily Burn 365 instructor who leads a few of the audio running workouts. “Anyone who’s bored with their workout and looking to shake things up will also love it. It’s a chance to branch out and explore a new modality with some great guidance.”

“You get to work on your listening skills — we all need that — and you can challenge yourself without having to look at anything,” adds Cece Marizu, another Daily Burn 365 trainer whose voice you’ll also hear during several strength sessions. “Plus, the workouts are fun!”

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Daily Burn’s New Audio Workouts: Take Your Fitness On-the-Go
Photo: Stocksy

Why You Should Try Daily Burn’s Audio Workouts Today

For most people, the biggest hurdle to working out is simply getting started. “That’s an obstacle that we face every day,” Fogelman says. But these do-anywhere, anytime workouts make it easier to jump that barrier. “Your coach is on-demand and the class is exactly when you want it,” Fogelman adds. “If you need to, you can always pause or stop the class with no shame or need for explaining, and then try it again later. So it works around a busy lifestyle…We bring the motivation. You bring the commitment to pushing play.”

Your instructors will give you that extra push you need, but don’t be afraid to move at your own pace, Marizu says. “If you miss something at any point, stay committed to the workout. Rest when you need it and when in doubt, squat it out,” she says.

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As for the running routines — a totally new fitness format from Daily Burn — you’ll get a trainer to help you run more efficiently. “I coach you through your speed, which can be difficult to gage when running alone outside, plus how to pace yourself. I also give you guidance on form, and I’m your personal cheering section — keeping those positive thoughts in the forefront of your focus,”Fogelman says.

Fogelman also gives suggestions on perceived effort level (for example, working at 60 percent of your all-out effort — or the hardest you can go). “So the workout is always personalized for the right amount of push you need on a given day,” she says. “And the workout will grow with you as you progress and repeat the workouts. Naturally, as you get stronger your new 60 percent will be faster than your old 60 percent.”

So now it’s time to break your limits. Your coach is ready and right in your pocket. You just have to get out there and listen in.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Daily Burn Audio Workouts now, and kick off your free 30-day trail today!

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