Move Better Every Day with Daily Burn Mobility

Move Better Every Day with Daily Burn Mobility
Photo: Daily Burn Mobility

Before you start running fast, jumping high or lifting heavy, it’s important to learn how to simply move better. That includes relieving tension in typically tight areas, going through a full range of motion on exercises and learning how to tackle moves with precision. And all three essentials require one thing: mobility.

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What Is Mobility and Why Do You Need It?

“Mobility is flexibility, plus strength and movement control,” says Gregg Cook, lead trainer on Daily Burn’s new program, Mobility. “With good mobility training, you get your joints working the way they were originally designed to move.”

Most Americans spend the majority of their day in a seat, whether commuting in a car or working at a desk. And that sedentary lifestyle can lead to stiff and often achy joints. “If joints are stationary too long, it can cause a cast-like effect,” says Cook. (Ever have trouble walking after sitting on a plane for hours or just at your desk all day?) “If you’re sitting, no fluid moves through the joints. And the only way to heal that is through movement.” In other words, the more you move, the better you’ll feel.

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How Daily Burn Mobility Can Improve Your Fitness

Move Better Every Day with Daily Burn Mobility
Photo: Daily Burn Mobility

According to Cook, mobility work should become your prerequisite before jumping into strength, HIIT or any other type of intense workout — especially if you want to avoid injury. But even if you don’t plan to crush calories, this program can help you get loose in the morning, or midday when you need a quick, active stretch.

With six workouts — ranging from 10 to 30 minutes — you can either follow the full program or pick and choose what’s best for your body. You get everything from a total-body mobility workout (and one that involves some strength for extra sweat), a pre-workout warm-up, an upper body and a lower body session, plus a 10-minute standing routine that you can do at the office, airport or right in your bedroom.

“If you’re feeling tight in your shoulders or neck, opt for the upper body workout that day,” suggests Cook. “If you’re going to do a lower body workout or feel tightness in your hips or hamstrings, go for the lower body-focused routine. Think about what you’re dealing with in your daily life and focus on that.” If that means you want to stretch out from head to toe, there’s a routine for that, too.

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Making the Most of Your Routines

The key to gaining flexibility, strength and control with this program: move slow and with focus, Cook says. “Really try to listen to your body. You always want to have a conversation between your mind and your body,” he explains. “Movement is telling your body what you want it to do. Then tune into how it feels and the range of motion it’s comfortable with — all without trying to just get the workout over with. Most importantly, realize you’re going to feel better if you take it slower and with more concentration.”

One strategy for actually slowing down is deep nasal breathing. Cook recommends inhaling on a four-count through exercises and exhaling longer, on an eight-count. “That’ll help calm down the nervous system, which helps with mobility, too.” Also, make sure to stop if you feel any pinching or pain. Those are signs you’re taking a stretch too far or might need to see a doctor.

So whether you want to get more from your workouts or just move better and feel better, Daily Burn Mobility will get you there. All you have to do is press play.

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