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DailyBurn 365 Workout Program
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Ever plan a workout for tomorrow, only to put it off one more day?

Sure, maybe your head’s in the right place — you got a gym membership, some home exercise equipment, possibly even a trainer. But your heart’s not quite there. Demands pile up, motivation wanes, and your fitness goals take a back seat to everything else for…one more week.

We know the feeling. That’s why Daily Burn is here to help you break the cycle, starting today.

With the arrival of Daily Burn 365, you’ll get access to a new, live 30-minute workout at 9 a.m. ET every day. Can’t make the morning session? Each workout will be on-demand for 24 hours. (Though we strongly recommend showing up for the live party!) If you miss a day, hop back in when you can. A brand new, no-equipment routine will be waiting for you, whenever you’re ready.

Daily Burn 365: Exercise Made Easy

Whether you’re new to fitness or getting back on the bandwagon, you’ll get a full-body workout that’s totally doable and seriously fun. Expect an energizing mix of strength and cardio in each session — not to mention some Instagram-worthy moves you’d never think of on your own (think: ninja-esque kickboxing combos and creative partner exercises like these). But most of all, you’ll be coming back for the daily motivation and the community of real users who’ve committed to 30 minutes of fitness a day, just like you.

“I cannot put into words how important these live workouts are for me,” said Antoinette Pierce, after completing three weeks with Daily Burn 365. “I feel like I gained a whole bunch of new friends [who] hold each other accountable and motivate each other. It’s just beautiful to know there are actually real people with the same struggles and worries, and we will get through them together!”

The appeal for others? Being able to finally say, “I can.”

“I actually found myself in tears, not because it was hard but because I felt like I could for once do this,” said Monique Valcourt, after completing her first week with Daily Burn 365. And she brought her family along for the ride. “I did the workout with four kids keeping up with me!”

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That instant sense of connectivity — and accessibility — is the same thing that fires up Daily Burn 365 trainer Anja Garcia every morning. “I love that Daily Burn 365 is something that anyone can do, and is bringing friends and family together in getting healthy and happy,” she says. Even better: “It’s live and limited, which gives people extra accountability and a gentle nudge to really get up and moving for the day because each workout will disappear tomorrow.”

What’s more: You’ll be hearing directly from Anja and the other Daily Burn trainers and coaches during the live 365 chat. Have a real-time question about a modification, or what to eat post-class? The DailyBurn team has you covered. Need more support throughout the day — particularly when those late-night cravings kick in? Level up to a premium subscription to get your own personal Daily Burn Fitness/Nutrition Coach ‘round the clock.

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So how can you join the DB365 movement? Once you sign up for Daily Burn 365, you’ll get your first 30 days free of charge. Get a friend to sign up, and that’s your ticket to another free month of fitness. After all, sticking to a healthy habit is all about consistency. And who knows, those 30 minutes might just be the best part of your day.


Want exclusive access to new workouts every day? Click here to try Daily Burn 365 free for 30 days.  

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