DailyBurn’s Inferno HR: Heart Rate Training, Evolved


If you’re looking to get more feedback on your workout, heart rate training is a good place to start. Using a monitor allows you to more accurately assess how hard you’re working and how many calories you’re burning. Based on how high you get your heart rate and what zone that puts you in— one, which is usually hit during warm up, to five, the highest target you can reach — you can tell when you need to push a little harder or if you’ve reached your peak.

The only problem: It can be distracting to constantly look down at your phone or watch to check your stats and see what zone you’re in. Well, what if you didn’t have to?

DailyBurn’s new Inferno HR is the first heart rate zone interval training workout program that integrates participants’ live heart rate data on connected TV “primary” screens. Translation: Inferno HR syncs an iOS device with any major Bluetooth low-energy heart rate monitor, streaming the live data onto the screen throughout the workout. So as you’re jumping, and lunging, and squatting and sweating along with the video, your heart rate and zone will appear right there in front of you.

“DailyBurn is constantly innovating to make working out at home as effective and fun as possible,” says Andy Smith, CEO of DailyBurn. “Inferno HR not only brings a new challenge to our roster of programs, but it allows our consumers to monitor their progress real-time with real data, creating one of the most accurate and interactive at-home exercise programs on the market.”

Anja Garcia, one of DailyBurn’s renowned fitness instructors (who also teaches Inferno, DailyBurn’s first and most popular HIIT program) leads the videos. Anja will help users push their physical limits as they progress through the program, which includes four weekly workouts and three active recovery days. Each of the four workouts, Tabata POC, Body Blast, Metcon Challenge, and Build and Burn, target different heart rate zones to achieve distinct goals ranging from calorie burning to stamina building. And while Anja coaches you into each zone, you’ll be able to see your heart rate and zone right there, on screen, so there’s no hiding from the numbers.


If you’re looking for a challenging program where you’re able to gauge your progress more accurately in real-time, and over time, Inferno HR is a great place to start. As Anja puts it: “It’s not supposed to be easy, but it’s worth it.”

To try DailyBurn’s Inferno HR, head to DailyBurn.com/infernohr.

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