50 Ab Exercises to Score a Stronger Core

Sneaky Ab Exercises

Just because you tend to associate these moves with other muscles, doesn’t mean your abs aren’t involved. As you work your legs and arms, you’ll also fire up your core with these 14 less traditional ab exercises. They create the full-body routine you need to get totally toned.

37. Squat 

Yes, that booty back, knees bent, hips to the floor move you often associate with working your legs. It also engages your abs. To perform a squat properly, with your body upright, you need to keep your core tight. Inhale as you lower to the ground and exhale as you stand to help you do just that.

50 Ab Exercises: Lateral Raise with Balance

Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn 365

38. Lateral Raise Balance

Not only do you sculpt your shoulders here, but because of the balance challenge your lifted leg adds, you’ll also strengthen your core. Double duty work at its finest.

39. Kettlebell Swing

Sure, kettlebell swings make your backside work to the max. But you also need to keep your abs engaged as you lean down, then exhale to stand — all with a flat back. Your core should be burning.

50 Ab Exercises: Chin-Ups

40. Chin-Up

Your back and arms may handle the brunt of the work in this move. But to execute it more efficiently, be sure to brace your belly, keeping your entire body tight.

50 Ab Exercises: Staggered-Stance Clean with Squat and Press

41. Staggered-Stance Clean with Squat and Press

This creative three-for-one kettlebell move will certainly impress. Pop the heel of one foot to get your abs in gear — they’ll work to help you ­maintain your balance.

50 Ab Exercises: Donkey Kick

Photo: Ryan Kelly / Barre Harmony

42. Donkey Kicks

To keep your back flat during this glute-strengthening move, you need to engage your abs and pull your belly button up toward your spine — try not to loose that neutral spine position through the entire exercise. Consider your abs sculpted and your butt lifted.

43. Squat to Crawl Out to Push-Up

We love a good combo move and this one brings the benefits threefold. It takes some serious core strength (plus power from your legs and arms) to move from a squat to a plank to a push-up and repeat. Consider this your go-to when you want max benefits in less time.

44. High Pull Lateral Lunge

The secret to a strong deadlift: bracing your core. Inhale on the downward motion and exhale when you come up. This keeps your abs tight, taking the pressure off your lower back. Your abs will also fire to maintain a neutral spine during the lunge and pull.

50 Ab Exercises: Tricep Shoot Through Exercise

45. Tricep Shoot Through 

Take a cue from gymnasts — a group that gives us some serious ab envy — by working with a pair of parallette bars. In order to pull your legs through the middle of the bars, you’ll need to use your abs (and arms).

46. Donkey Kick Push-Up

Embrace the burn in this full-body plyometric move that delivers cardio and strength. The reason it’s on this list of ab exercises? Core strength and stability keep you from flipping over in that donkey kick, while also helping you perform the perfect push-up.

47. Donkey Kick-Through

Here’s a cardio move that’ll strengthen your core in no time. Start with a donkey kick, then swivel on one foot and swoop your leg through to kick your foot to the side. Working in all planes of motion, you’ll swiftly sculpt your midsection while squashing major calories.

50 Ab Exercises: Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press Exercise


48. Reverse Lunge to Press

Do an overhead movement — especially with a heavy weight — and you’ll see why it works your abs. In order to keep your spine neutral as you lift, you must engage your midsection muscles. Your core also comes into play to keep your pelvis neutral in the lunge.

49. Punch Sequence

Pack a one-two punch to get your abs in fighting shape. As you use your hips and legs to put power behind your jabs, crosses and hooks, your core keeps you stable, allowing you to pivot and execute each motion with extra force.

50. Squat with Lunge Rotation

Throw a rotational movement into any routine and you’ll whittle your middle. With this combo move featuring a secret weapon — a towel — you keep your abs engaged through the squat and lunge. Feel your abs fire even more as your move the towel to the outside of your leg in the lunge.

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Originally published July 2017. Updated January 2018.