Keaira LaShae: Burning It Up on NBC’s The Voice

Keaira LaShae The Voice

Think the soulful R&B singer from Team Cee Lo looks familiar? It’s possible you’ve sweated — or danced, or even twerked — with her. Yes, the DailyBurn trainer and YouTube sensation Keaira LaShae has made it past the blind auditions and onto Season Five of NBC’s The Voice. So what gives #TeamLaShae a leg up in the competition? Maybe it’s her decade of industry experience, her “Superhero Fit” philosophy, or her dedication to female empowerment. DailyBurn caught up with The Voice’s ultimate triple threat to talk exercise, nutrition and her off-camera dance lessons – Cee Lo included!

What came first: dancing or singing?

Singing and dancing actually came at the same time. I started both when I was seven. I sang in the choir at church, which was right across the street from where I grew up, with my grandmother, mother and sister. I tried to lead every song in the choir and danced at every talent show in my city. My first moment in the spotlight was when I won my first talent show as a dancer/choreographer. I competed against girls twice my age. I realized then that I had what it took to be a performer.

Performing on stage takes a serious amount of energy and endurance. Does being a professional dancer and trainer give you a competitive edge?

Being a DailyBurn trainer definitely helps with my endurance as a performer. Talking and exercising at the same time is a lot like singing and dancing at the same time. Both require tons of energy and control so that you’re not out of breath.

Keaira LaShae Power Pose

Has dance always been your favorite form of exercise?

I’ve always loved dancing as exercise, ever since I was a kid. I used to turn on my grandparents’ old school jukebox with all the colors flashing and I’d sing and dance all day in the living room. They always laughed because by the end of the day, I would be so worn out that I’d fall right to sleep without a fight! As a teen, I taught dance exercise classes as soon as I was old enough at a private gym in Tampa, FL. Even now, when my friends and I go out dancing, we’re sore the next day from working every muscle in our bodies on the dance floor!

What’s your pre-performance ritual?

Before a performance, I like to drink a cup of hot green tea with honey while meditating. I also try to fit in some quick yoga moves to calm my nerves — in addition to my vocal warm-ups, of course. And I do a mobility warm-up so that my body is warmed up, flexible and ready to work on that stage. It also helps with loosening the throat muscles for a great vocal performance.

While filming The Voice have you been able to keep up with your training? What’s been key to keeping you in great shape?

I get up every morning and train before I do anything else. I also have a class for the other contestants. One in the morning, a quick workout to get everybody pumped for the day, then one at night that they call “twerk class.” It’s tons of fun but a great workout at the same time! The key to staying in great shape is to be disciplined and have no excuses when it comes to achieving your fitness goal. No matter how busy you are, you should always make the time to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. I always say, “a little time is better than no time.”

How does diet play into getting you camera ready? Which foods could you not live without?

Maintaining a healthy nutritional diet plays a huge part in getting camera ready and having the energy to put on a great performance. I absolutely cannot live without having at least two fresh juices a day, plus a protein shake. I travel with a compact juicer and my DailyBurn Fuel so I have no excuse not to get my fresh fruits, veggies and protein every day! I feel kind of sluggish if I go a day without those things.

Keaira LaShae FitnessWhat’s your signature dance move?

My signature dance move would have to be the “Body Roll Groove.” I love that move because you can do it to any genre of music whether it’s fast or slow. There’s also tons of different ways you can do it, depending on the music. It’s a universal dance move!

Can you really get a good workout in from your “twerkouts?”

Twerkouts” are all about getting the booty moving. Whether it’s up and down or in circles, that workout definitely tones the legs, abs and, of course, the booty. It’s a sexy workout for women that you can do in heels or in tennis shoes. Either one works! You can also take the moves you learn from my “twerkouts” straight to the dance floor at the club with your friends!

Did you teach Cee Lo any of your dance moves?

I definitely taught Cee Lo some moves! I also taught all of the contestants and staff, from producers to makeup artists too!

Who most inspires you to keep doing what you do? 

I am very self-motivated but my family, friends and supporters inspire me to do what I do as far as singing, dancing and fitness. I love to motivate people in some way shape or form, so when someone tells me that I changed their lives for the better through my music, dance or fitness, it makes me want to keep going and get better and better for them!

What’s next for Keaira LaShae?

I’ll be creating a lot more fun dance workouts for everyone to MOVE! to! Look out for more creative and energetic dances coming soon to

Did you miss Keaira’s blind audition on The Voice? Catch the highlights from the clip below, and be sure to tune in for new episodes on Mondays 8/7c & Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC. 

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